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Weighing Oil Filling Machine

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  • Product Introduction
  • Product parameters
  • Main components and material
Product Description

The machine uses a straight line weighing filling, for the 8 structure.

Conveyor belt for intermittent movement, each time take 8 intervals, each interval put a plastic bucket; photoelectric detection to have eight plastic drums to reach the filling station, the plastic bucket below the corresponding 8 up to 8 Empty bucket top, so that the bottom of the barrel to leave the conveyor belt, fell on the table above; said the table on their respective empty barrels first peeled operation, and then eight filling head open, start pouring, when the filling volume close to 5L (The specific size can be set), filling the flow automatically smaller, in order to improve the filling accuracy. When a bucket reaches the filling capacity, the corresponding valve is closed; the weighing system will carry out the final inspection of the weight of the barrel. If the filling capacity is greater than the set upper limit or less than the set lower limit, the system will alarm and show the actual The weight of the filling; manual removal of the bottle, and then let the system re-work; if no alarm situation, 8 said the table at the same time down to complete the filling of the plastic bucket down to the filling, the conveyor belt sent back, Empty bucket again into the filling station for filling.

Product parameters

Production capacity: 650 barrels / hour

Filling volume: 5L

Number of head: 8 head

Quantitative error: ≤0.3%

Air consumption: 0.3-0.4m3 / min Pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.6MPa

Power: 380v 50Hz three-phase four-wire system

Power: 1.5Kw

Dimensions: 1800 × 850 × 1900

Weight: 800kg

Main components and material



 Type or Material





 Japan Mitsubishi


 touch screen


 Japan Mitsubishi


 Weighing sensor




 photoelectric switch


 Korea Autonics


 pneumatic components


 Taiwan AIRTAC


 solenoid valve


 Shanghai JULIANG


 stainless steel pump


 Hangzhou South Pump


 electrical components 


 France Schneider


 conveying system


 Nantong Bo Lang


 Synchronous Transmission


 Nantong Bo Lang


 tank and pipe

 assembly (304 #)

 Nantong Bo Lang


 side panels, sealing plate

 assembly (304 #)

 Nantong Bo Lang



 components (304 #)

 Nantong Bo Lang


Other parts that come into contact with the bottle: 304 # stainless steel or nylon

Countertop and side panels: 304 # stainless steel




Single filling head, the output of 800-1200 bottles / hour, filling machine price $16150; 

Four filling head, the output of 2500-3000 bottles / hour, filling machine price of $24920; 

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