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Universal Type Bottle Washing Machine

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  • Product Introduction
  • Product parameters
  • Main components and material
Product Description

This machine is a glass bottle cleaning equipment, suitable for a variety of round or shaped bottle cleaning. The new technology with parallel pinch-over transfer conveys the bottle and adjusts the spacing of the bottle straps so that the machine has good adaptability and reliability; each bottle can be reused, purified Water inside and outside the high-pressure shower, the last blow by blowing compressed air to remove excess water droplets, to achieve the desired cleaning effect.

The machine has smooth operation, easy maintenance, good cleaning effect, etc., and is equipped with water vapor treatment system.

Product parameters

Production capacity: 3000~6000 bottles / hour

Applicable bottles: glass bottles and hexagonal bottles

Back to the water flow: 1.8 ~ 2m3 / h Pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa

Purified water consumption: 0.5 ~ 0.6m3 / h Pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa

Purification of compressed air consumption: 0.6m3 / min

Pressure: 0.3 ~ 0.4MPa

Power: 380v 50Hz three-phase four-wire system

Power: 3Kw

Dimensions: 2400 × 800 × 1500

Main components and material



 Model or material



 touch screen


 Taiwan's Delta




 Taiwan's Delta




 Taiwan's Delta


 main motor 




 gear motor






 Taiwan HANSHENG  


 stainless steel pump          

 CDXM120 / 20

 South pump


 other electrical components


 CHINT Technology


 delivery system


 Nantong Bo Lang




 Nantong Bo Lang


 Cleaning System


 Nantong Bo Lang


 water tank


 Nantong Bo Lang


 side panels, panel

 components (304 #)

 Nantong Bo Lang


 rack, platen

 assembly (A3)

 Nantong Bo Lang


Contact with moisture: 304 # stainless steel

Other parts with bottles: 304 # stainless steel and nylon 1010 #

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