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Ultrasonic Bottle-washing Machine

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  • Product Introduction
  • Product parameters
  • Main components and material
Product Description

This machine is a special cleaning equipment for small-dose glass bottles. The bottle is immersed in water for deep ultrasonic washing, and then the screw is fed into the rising block one by one. The bottle is caught by the bottle clamp, Washed with boiled water - purified compressed air blowing - pure water or distilled water fine wash - clean compressed air blowing, complete the bottle washing work. The last bottle is then turned over by the dial.

Product parameters

Production capacity:5000~ 9000 bottles / hour

Applicable bottle: vials and glass bottles, ampoules

Reuse water flow: 0.6m³ / h Pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa

Purified water consumption: 0.5m ³ / h Pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa

Purified compressed air consumption: 20m³ / h Pressure: 0.3 ~ 0.4MPa

Power source: 400V 50Hz three-phase four-wire system

Power rate: 2Kw

Dimensions: 2000 × 2400 × 1500

Weight: 1.5T

Main components and material



 Type or Material



 touch screen


 Taiwan Delta




 Taiwan Delta




 Taiwan Delta






 ultrasonic generator 


 ZHANGJIAGANG ultrasound electronic


 stainless steel pump

 CDXM120 / 20

 Hangzhou South special pump


 health diaphragm valve 


 JINGXIN automatic control valve


 other electrical components


 France Schneider


 screw into the bottle system 


 Nantong Bo Lang


 up to the bottle system 


 Nantong Bo Lang


 folder bottle and flip system


 Nantong Bo Lang


 Cleaning System 

 Components (316L)

 Nantong Bo Lang


 bottle system 


 Nantong Bo Lang


 drive mechanism


 Nantong Bo Lang

 side panels, panel

 Components (304 #)

 Nantong Bo Lang

 Rack, Platen 

 Assembly (A3)

 Nantong Bo Lang



 Nantong Bo Lang


Outboard: 304 # stainless steel

Contact with water vapor: 316L stainless steel

Other parts with bottles: 304 # stainless steel and nylon 1010 #


Equipment plane diagram 

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