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Series High Temperature Sterilizing Tunnel Oven

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  • Product Introduction
  • Product parameters
  • Main components and material
Product Description

This machine is suitable for drying and sterilizing all kinds of glass bottles such as vials and oral liquid bottles, which are transmitted by mesh belt, and the speed can be adjusted. The far infrared quartz tube is used for heating, which raises temperature fast, high efficiency and even temperature ; Temperature by the temperature controller display and set their own control, automatic recording for future reference; cooling zone with 100 vertical laminar flow clean device, in line with GMP standards.

Product parameters

Production capacity: 3000~9000 bottles / hour

Applicable bottles: glass bottles and hexagonal bottles

Network bandwidth: 1200mm

Heating method: far infrared quartz tube heating

Temperature adjustment range: 50 ~ 300

Effective sterilization time: in the high temperature zone for more than 10 minutes

Exhaust volume: 9000 ~ 10000m3 / h

Wind pressure: 400Pa (centrifugal exhaust fan users self)

Power: 380V 50Hz three-phase four-wire system

Power: 50Kw

Overall dimensions: 6000 × 2000 × 2100

Main components and material



 Type or Material





 Japan Mitsubishi


 touch screen 


 Japan Mitsubishi




 Japan Mitsubishi




 Japan Omron


 temperature controller 


 Japan Omron


 paperless temperature recorder


 Shanghai TIANYI






 low noise centrifugal fan 




 100 high efficiency filter




 stainless steel synchronous chain




 other electrical components


 France Schneider


 wind curtain lock wind system


 Nantong Bo Lang


 sterilization system


 Nantong Bo Lang


 cooling system


 Nantong Bo Lang


 bottle conveying system


 Nantong Bo Lang


 drive mechanism


 Nantong Bo Lang



 components (A3)

 Nantong Bo Lang


 side plate

 components (304 #)

 Nantong Bo Lang


High temperature box liner: 3mm heat resistant acid stainless steel

Outboard: 304 # stainless steel

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