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Paste Filling Capping Machine

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  • Product Introduction
  • Product parameters
  • Main components and material
Product Description

This machine is a special filling and sealing equipment for the filling line of the paste or the sauce material, and is suitable for the filling of the viscous material. Can automatically complete the bottle, filling, management cover and capping cover and other actions. Two-headed piston pump filling, pneumatic leak-proof filling head, no dripping worry; filling by the servo motor control, loading size set on the touch screen; patent three-way valve filling to ensure that the material Smooth filling; lifting mechanism cover, wearing a stable and reliable, low noise; mechanical handle cover to send cover, constant torque screw cap, screw cap stable and reliable.

The machine is compact, and automatic feeding control material, no bottle does not irrigation function, high reliability, strong adaptability.

Product parameters

Production capacity: 500~800BPH

Applicable bottles: 50ml ~1000ml bottles

Applicable cover: metal cover or plastic cover

Filling head:  two~ six  head

Capacity: 0 ~ 2%

Filling temperature: 40-80

Number of capping: single head

Power: 380V 50Hz three-phase four-wire (or on request)

Power: 2Kw

Dimensions: 1650 × 850 × 1900

Main components and material



 Model or material 





 Japan Mitsubishi


 Touch screen


 Japan Mitsubishi


 frequency converter


 Taiwan Delta


 Servo Motor

 ECMA-C21020SS 1kw

 Taiwan Delta


 servo controller


 Taiwan Delta




 Taiwan AIRTAC


 piston ring

 53006000 # (silicone rubber)

 Taiwan Han Sheng


 precision ball screw


 Taiwan TBI




 Korea Autonics


 stainless steel pump


 Beijing institute


 level switch




 high-precision sub-box




 electrical components


 France Schneider


 bottle conveying system


 Nantong Bo Lang


 bottle system


 Nantong Bo Lang


 Insulation Storage Box

 Assembly 50L

 Nantong Bo Lang


 filling system


 Nantong Bo Lang


 send cover system


 Nantong Bo Lang

 capping system

 components  Nantong Bo Lang

 drive mechanism

 components  Nantong Bo Lang

 rack, table

 assembly (A3)

 Nantong Bo Lang

 side panels, panel

 components (304 #)

 Nantong Bo Lang

 dust cover


 Nantong Bo Lang


electrical control:PLC control, touch screen operation, frequency control, the lack of filling the bottle, the bottle does not send cover.

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