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tabletop semi-automatic round bottle cup tube sticker labeling machine


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Dedicated to self-adhesive labeling of red wine bottles and wine bottles, it can realize full/half-weekly labeling of the cylindrical and conical red wine bottles and labeling of the circumference and the back of the wine. The optional label positioning and detection device can realize the attachment of another label under the condition of labeling.

Product parameters

De belangrijkste technische parameters

Labeling accuracy: ±0.5mm (without product, label error);

Labeling speed: 15~25 pcs/min (related to product size);

Applicable product diameter: Ø 15mm ~ Ø 150mm;

Applicable label size: length: 20mm~200mm;

Width: 20mm~220mm

Overall size: about 920mm × 470mm × 500mm (length × width × height);

Applicable power supply: 220V/50HZ;

Total weight: about 45Kg.

Applicable label inner diameter: Ø76mm Applicable label outer diameter: Ø 240mm

Voltage: 220V

Main components and material


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