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Light Examiner

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  • Main components and material
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وصف المنتج

The machine is the lamp inspection equipment for the oral liquid bottle and straight vials. The bottles will be arranged in line to pass through the test port, behind the bottle have white light , in front of the bottle have the magnifying glass, through the magnifying glass , you can easily visual inspection bottle Liquid

معلمات المنتج

Production capacity: 80 bottles / min(180~200BPM)

Applicable bottle:10~ 20ml oral liquid straight tube bottle

Detection station: single(double)

Detection method: visual

التكبير: مرات شنومك

Power: 220V 60Hz three-phase

الطاقة: شنومكو

Dimensions: 1300 × 900 × 1200

Main components and material

Main device component configuration

Gear Reducer Motor Manufacturer: JINWEIDA Motor

The main parts material

Outboard: 304 # stainless steel

Magnifier: optical glass

تواصل معنا

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